Argan & Tea Tree – Shampoo


Argan & tea tree oil, the combination of these two powerful natural ingredients will:

  • Repair damage
  • Slow down hair loss (argan)
  • Reduce itchy scalp, dandruff and frizz
  • Deliver maximum gloss, hydration, and shine

500 ML

Directions for use:
Wet hair thoroughly. Massage shampoo into hair, lather and rinse well.

Argan & Tea Tree Shampoo

What makes our shampoo so unique?

Using the Argan and Tea Tree oil shampoo has a regenerative effect on your hair, reverting various hair and environmental damages and giving it a shiny and moisturized look.
The Argan and Tea Tree oil combination is also very effective against scalp itching, dandruff and hair loss, making it a single solution to several related problems.


Argan & Tea Tree

A combination of Argan and Tea tree

With this series of products, we have decided to focus on providing solutions to dry and damaged hair, broken hairs and split ends, dandruff, scalp itching and hair loss.
How did we do it?
With a unique formula that combines Argan oil and Tea Tree oil, we managed to benefit from the strengths of each oil.
Argan oil is rich with Vitamin E as well as fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.
Argan oil is also known to be rich with minerals and anti-oxidizers, which strengthen and moisturize the hair, while covering it with a protective layer that heals split ends, prevent hair loss by strengthening its roots and gives it a fresh shiny look.
Tea Tree oil has also been found very effective in treating dandruff and scalp itching caused by dryness, environmental damage or sensitive skin.
To get the best results from this series of products we recommend using them daily. Your hair will grow stronger and healthier; will gain moisture and sheen, reduce scalp itching and dandruff and heal split and broken ends. You will notice the effects with the first use!