Keratin & Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner


This amazing Leave-in Conditioner helps you care for your hair. This formula:

  • Protects hair from exposure to ultraviolet light and pollution.
  • Protects from repeated coloring or frequent use of hair dryers.
  • Contains essential vitamins that help nourish the hair, leaving it strong and supple.
  • Eliminates frizz, detangles, and restores shine with this excellent nourishing treatment.

500 ML

Directions for use:
Pour a generous amount onto your palm, rub hands together and massage into hair.  Style as desired. Can be used on damp or dry hair. Do not rinse.

Keratin & Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner

Why should you use our Leave-in Conditioner?

Our Leave-in Conditioner differs from other products of this line in its unique ability to shield your hair from exposure to UV light and other environmental pollution factors. Furthermore, the mask has the capacity to mitigate damage caused by repeated hair coloring and frequent use of hairdryers hair curlers and straighteners.
The Leave-in Conditioner nourishes your hair while also undoing curls, untying knots, and revitalizing your hair’s natural, healthy sheen. Additionally, the mask contains vitamins that are critical for your hair healthy, strong and flexible.


Keratin & Shea Butter

Do you often Straighten, color and dry your hair?

Our special Keratin line of products is the answer to damage caused by chemical treatments and exposure to heat, such as hairdryers and hair coloring. When combined with shea butter to protect hair fibers, these products both protect and nourish your hair, producing visible improvement right after the first use.
Keratin is a protein. When applied to your hair, it will increase its natural moisture and contribute to its flexibility.
The main factor that cause your hair to lose moisture are the use of hairdryers, hair straighteners, hair design products and exposure to sunlight and air pollution. All these can be mitigated through the application of Keratin.
Shea Butter-is a natural hair conditioning substance, rich with vitamin A and E which preserve the hair and protect it from external damage. Shea butter is effective in protecting your hair against UV radiation and dryness and it helps your hair retain its moisture and nourishes the scalp.
The combination of Keratin and shea butter protects your hair after straightening, helps regenerate hair coloring damage and exposure to other chemicals, while also preventing unwanted curls and keeping the hair roots strong and healthy.