Biotin & Castor Hair Serum


Biotin & Castor hair serum, containing a mix of natural essential oils, will:

  • Promote faster hair growth* and soothe the scalp
  • Combat hair damage and breakage, making hair stronger
  • Biotin was clinically tested & proven to reduce hair thinning*
  • Contains essential vitamins that help nourish the hair, leaving it strong and supple


Directions for use: For daily use, apply a small amount of serum to damp hair and brush hair to evenly distribute the serum, then blow-dry and style as desired.
For nutritive care, apply a generous amount of serum twice a week to dry and damaged hair and leave the serum on for 30 minutes before rinsing off with water.





Biotin & Castor oil Shampoo

What makes our shampoo so unique?

Our serum has several positive effects, with the foremost being the fact that it nourishes your hair with a variety of essential vitamins while also surrounding your hair with a protective layer.
The high content of Biotin and castor oil enables healthy and rapid growth of hair.
This serum has been is suitable for treating eyebrows and eyelashes.
You will notice a change right after the first use! (1) (2)

Biotin & Castor oil

The products that will accelerate your hair growth!

This series of products is made especially for people who suffer from slow hair growth, thinning hair and generally unhealthy hair. Biotin has been clinically proven as a hair growth catalyst, as well as assisting in the absorption of zinc in the hair, which reduces hair loss and assists in healing split ends.
We have combined Biotin with Castor oil, that also accelerates hair growth, reduces hair breakage, heals split ends and enriches the hair with moisture. Castor oil increases blow flow in the scalp that in turn strengthen the hair roots. Castor oil contains Omega 9 that is pivotal for the creation of new hair follicles, especially critical for those with thinning hair. Castor oil and Biotin is the best combination for treating thinning hair and hair growth problems.