Hiar loss or slow and unhealthy hair growth ?

The Biotin formula is exactly what you need

Bitotin, which clinical tests have shown to be a potent catalyst for hair growth and an effective measure against hair loss, acts well in conjunction with the positive effects of castor oil to produce quick and visible results.
Castor oil is produced from castor beans. It is known for its ability to improve blood circulation when applied to the scalp, thus improving the distribution of vitamins and minerals throughout the scalp and hair follicles. It also contains Omega 9, which assists in hair regeneration and growth. Castor oil consists mostly of ricinoleic acid, which is very effective in preserving and strengthening hair; therefore, castor oil does not only assist in hair growth and regeneration but also heals hair breakage, mends split ends, prevents hair loss and helps hair retain moisture.
Biotin-has been clinically shown to contribute to hair growth. It improves zinc absorption in the hair, which helps to stop and prevent hair loss. Biotin also helps hair gain volume and heals split ends and hair breakage, thus contributing to faster recovery in cases of badly damaged hair. The combination between Biotin and castor oil provides a full solution to hair loss, thinning hair and slow hair growth. Regular use of products from this series will regenerate your hair and make it stronger and healthier than ever!


Do you suffer from dry and damaged hair ?

We have the perfect solution for you !

The pure tea tree oil formula is the best solution for dryness, lose of sheen and undesired curls. When combined with argan oil, which is known for its regenerative qualities, this unique formula provides your hair with both a protective and a regenerative treatment that will produce visible results quicker than any other treatment.
Argan oil is a natural oil produced from argan trees. It is rich with vitamin E and fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. It also contains minerals and anti-oxidizers that strengthen your hair fibers and revitalizing dull looking hair. Argan oil coats your hair with a layer that provides it a natural sheen, heals split ends and strengthens the hair roots, preventing hair loss. Tea tree oil proved itself as an effective natural alternative treatment for dandruff and scalp itching. Dandruff and scalp itching can cause great discomfort and eventually lead to hair loss, because a dry scalp weakens the hair roots, sometimes blocking blood flow to them completely.
The combination of tea tree oil and argan oil revitalizes you scalp, combating dandruff and healing split and broken hair, to enable your hair to be the best version of itself.
By strictly following the instruction, the use of this series of products will bring about a full recovery of your hair’s health and looks.

Do you often Straighten, color and dry your hair ?

Your hair need special treatment to recover from these procedures

Our special Keratin line of products is the answer to damage caused by chemical treatments and exposure to heat, such as hairdryers and hair coloring. When combined with shea butter to protect hair fibers, these products both protect and nourish your hair, producing visible improvement right after the first use. Keratin is a protein. When applied to your hair, it will increase its natural moisture and contribute to its flexibility. The main factor that cause your hair to lose moisture are the use of hairdryers, hair straighteners, hair design products and exposure to sunlight and air pollution. All these can be mitigated through the application of Keratin. Shea butter-is a natural hair conditioning substance, rich with vitamin A and E which preserve the hair and protect it from external damage. Shea butter is effective in protecting your hair against UV radiation and dryness and it helps your hair retain its moisture and nourishes the scalp. The combination of Keratin and shea butter protects your hair after straightening, helps regenerate hair coloring damage and exposure to other chemicals, while also preventing unwanted curls and keeping the hair roots strong and healthy.

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