Who are we ? 

We work in cooperation with AMAZON WATCH

AMAZON WATCH–a company dedicated to restoring the Amazon rainforests.
This year, the Amazon forests and their inhabitants have suffered from unprecedented forest fires, deforestation and numerous other crises.
As a result, the whole world suffers from a decrease in available oxygen, since the Amazon provides about 20% of the world’s oxygen.
We at AMAZONAS CHOICE have taken it upon ourselves to donate a portion of every purchase of our products to the protection of the Amazon.
Help us improve the situation of the Amazon rainforests and with them the entire global ecosystem.
Together with AMAZON WATCH we can thank nature in the best way possible, by preserving it.

About us:

AMAZONAS CHOICE is your natural choice.

The company was founded in 2019, in order to meet a market demand of fairly priced, effective and natural hair products. Our products are inspired by the customs of Brazilian Amerindians, who manage to preserve their hair by using various natural products originating from the Amazon rainforest, a natural wonder and a source of uniquely potent substances that can be used in cosmetics.
AMAZONAS CHOICE  believes that we are ought to be grateful for what we are able to harvest from nature and therefore invests significantly in natural preservation and restoration activities as an integral part of its business model.

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